At a glance

IMSB Counseling program plays a primary role in supporting the academic, social/emotional and post high school planning components of student success. In following a prescribed scope and sequence of activities, the department ensures that each student at Avon High School participates in their own development, both as an individual and as a member of the larger high school community, in support of “The Nine” academic, civic and social learning expectations. Counselors meet with students on both an individual basis and in group settings throughout the student’s high school career. Students are assigned to counselors alphabetically by student’s last name, with efforts made to retain the same counselor for all four years.

Our school counsellor’s activities are covering the following areas:

  • Holding class sessions on different topics such as:
    • safety issues
    • bullying
    • self-awareness and personal development
    • communication and social skills
    • information management and learning management
    • career planning
    • quality of lifestyle
  • Individual of group counselling
    • to help students to mediate conflicts with their peers, teachers, or parents
    • short-term counselling services to students during school hours
  • Psychological assessment for students
    • who are already enrolled in IMSB
    • who are willing to be enrolled in IMSB
  • Early intervention
    • identifying students with learning difficulties, psychological concerns and challenging behaviours
    • providing referrals, recommendations, and education to parents about mental health concerns
  • Special needs services
    • help SEN students integrate into classrooms
    • oversee educational programs that are addressing the students with SEN or learning difficulties
  • Vocational guidance
    • help students to prepare for college or to select careers