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10% for new and existing students who enroll until the end of April 5% for those who enrolled in May June Those who do not REGISTER until the end of April lose their RIGHTS. They have no place at school Cambridge exam fees will be charged separately. Not included in school prices.

Yeni kayıt ve kayıt yenileyenler için NİSAN sonuna kadar % 10 İndirim NİSAN sonuna kadar kayıt yaptırmayanlar kayıt haklarını kaybederler. Mayıs ve Haziran aylarında kayıt yaptıranlara % 5 İndirim Cambridge sınav ücretleri eğitim ücretine dahil değildir ayrıca tahsil edilecektir.

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International Maarif Schools Of Bucharest Admission Agreement
Read the Rules and Regulations of International Maarif Schools Of Bucharest. Shall you agree to these terms, sign at the bottom and
register it with the admissions department.
• The school will give out all details regarding registration / admission individually.
• In all the matters concerning with admission, expulsion, promotion or detention, the decision of the School Administrators will be final and binding.
• If student’s attendance, conduct at any stage or results in any interval evaluation / examination or Send-up Test is not satisfactory, the
School Administrators have full authority to rusticate or expel the student.
• The School Administrators have full powers to rusticate or expel if in their investigation the student is found guilty of a serious breach of
discipline or any other grave oence in or out of school and that if for any reason whatsoever the student is expelled, he/she shall not be
• The school – at the start of each academic year – reserves all rights of review and increase in the registration fee, tuition fee and all other
fees, charges and deposits ancillary there to without prior notice or consent of the parents.
• Fees for school van, textbooks and school uniform are paid by parents.
• The school may fully or partially shift the premises of any branch of the school to another location for any reason and the consent of the
parents shall not be necessary in this regard. An advance notice, however, will be given to the parents.
• The school has the absolute discretion to regulate the syllabus, curriculum, course books, teaching materials, and school uniforms in order to
provide quality education to the student whereas the consent of the parents is not required to make any changes in the mentioned points.
• Parents undertake to purchase the sets of textbooks prescribed on the booklist.
• Fees paid after the 10th of the month will be charged with late fee as stated in the fee structure provided.
• If the tuition fees are not cleared even by the end of the second month, the student will be considered as withdrawn from school and
he/she will not be allowed to attend classes. If re-admission is permitted, it will be granted after the payment of the outstanding fee.
• The fees for the period of vacations are charged in advance along with the dues for the previous month.
• Withdrawal of a student during the academic year must be submitted in writing to the School Administrators one month in advance, or at
the expense of one month’s tuition.
• The security deposit will only be returned after outstanding dues to the school are cleared. The school reserves the right to withhold
ocial transcripts or other paperwork until all payments have been made in full. The damage incurred by students on school inventory
and premises is charged from the parents.
• The school reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate at any stage without assigning a reason.
• If a newly admitted student withdraws their admission, annual fee from withdrawal date to end of academic year will be refunded; but
admission fee will not be refunded.
• Tuition fee is charged as long as a student is on the school’s register. i.e. as long as his admission is not withdrawn from the school by the
parent / guardian.
• Education fees dier among various levels of education i.e. for Pre-School, Primary, Middle School and Senior School.
• The school reserves the right to use any student’s picture in school brochures, posters and other printed and electronic material.
• Notices/circulars/letters are sent to parents from time to time. It is the responsibility of the parents / guardians to check and comply with the same

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