Guidance and Counseling

At IMSB schools, our progressional guidance model, which emphasizes the cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social development of each student and is determined by following the policies that are suitable for our students, is taken as a principal. With this aproach, it is important for each student to be able to “become individuals who are able to recognize, accept, solve problems, establish social relations, adapt, explore interests and abilities, express emotions and thoughts accurately and on the spot, provide durable and responsive personal integrity in the spiritual direction” individual interviews and group activities are carried out in accordance with age group and developmental characteristics. We explore important points about character qualities at individual interviews and workshops, and identify the approach to each student. Through group activities, our aim is to identify areas where our students struggle and help them improve with various methods and intensive work. Our guidance and counseling services aim foru our students to be unique individuals and to always influence everybody in the society, no matter their social status, in a positive way and support them become better. These values are and will be our goal for us and everybody who is a part of our family. Our goal is to individually meet with each and every family in any given period and inform them about our students improvements. Also keeping track of the families that put into practice our advices about their children. While our parents, who are our most important partners in the development of our children, are frequently informed; This period is also going to be supported by parent activities, seminar work and individual counseling.  Guidance is the backbone of school work and an important complement to our unique perspective.

The guidance activities in our school are gathered under four headings:

For Students:

  • Orientation/Compliance studies
  • Student Recognision studies
  • Consultancy For Problems/Crisis Intervantion
  • Investment Guidance/Guidance to Support Interest and Abilities
  • Group Guidance Lessons


For Parents:

  • Parents Recognision Studies
  • Individual Consultancy Support
  • Social Activities

For Teachers:

  • Professional and Personal Development Trainings
  • Individual Consultancy Support
  • Motivational Studies

For Staff:

  • Trainings for Building a Corporate Culture
  • Individual Constultancy Support
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